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European Forum Mission

Cultural growth is a fundamental element for improving one's living condition from both a social and economic point of view. Building a social network that allows the sharing of ideals, objectives, protections and support is at the center of the objectives of the associates of the European Forum.

Job, the knowledge of the territory, lifelong learning, the protection of rights, are at the center of our initiatives which can take advantage of the presence of a vast network of collaborations with Associations, Organizations, Companies and Professionals that carry out the members of our association towards the satisfaction of one's needs and the achievement of one's goals.

The partnership with the ACP Center - Associated Research Center of Counseling and Psychology (www.centroacp.it), has given us a way of expanding our activities towards supporting the person with innovative tools that have carried out interventions of training and entrepreneurial projects.

Strong is also the collaboration with the UNRL which has in its principles the value of third age and independence with the aim of protecting public economic order. The role of the UNRL is at the center of the support projects "Dopo di Noi" for citizens with disabilities.
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