Mission European Forum - Forum Europeo - Associazione Culturale

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European Forum is an association that promotes the culture for the civil development of the whole community including through the activation and development of cultural, educational, training.

The cultural growth can give the opportunity, to Italian and foreign citizens, to improve their standard of life, social and economic relations and search of a network of protection and the protection of your rights, as consumer, for Italian and European users.

The work, local knowledge, the lifelong learning, especially of unemployed young people, health protection, are the focus of our initiatives that can take advantage of the presence of a wide network of partnerships with associations, organizations, businesses and professionals capable of guiding members of our association to the satisfaction of their needs and achieve its objectives.

The collaboration with and through the FIACF with Federconsumatori (federation for the protection of consumers), gave crucial momentum to our association for the start of important projects for the protection of Italian citizens and foreigners.

The social gathering, the collaborative exchange, including through the use and satisfaction of needs that are not primary but fundamental to achieving a healthier mental and physical well being, we have taken the time to develop a fruitful collaboration to companies in the tourism sector , sports, services.

The business world in its social sense had its full satisfaction with the cooperation started with
Confimprese Rome Capital  - ConfimpreseItalia affiliated with the organization (union employers adhering to CONFAPI).

The agreement with Confimprese south-east of Rome and the province has allowed us to develop  fund raising. Activity is crucial for the growth of our organization and our members.

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